About Data In Motion

Due to the large number of projects for different industries, Data In Motion offers an independent view about the requirements of its customers. We operate independent research and development based on the identified, diverse problems. The results flow back into our customer projects and become accessible to the general public through our work in the OSGi Alliance and OpenSource projects.

Using model-driven software development and state-of-the-art technologies, we help clients handling with difficult projects and making the transition from a monolithic to a modern, modular world.

Committee work

As a member of the OSGi Alliance, Data In Motion is involved in the Core, Enterprise and IoT Expert Groups by Jürgen Albert and Mark Hoffmann. Together with international experts from well respected international Companies, we  incorporate our experience and requirements into new specifications. Through close contact with the other experts, we have an early insight into new technologies and processes that, above all, advance our customers.


Open Source Software is a strong pillar of our daily work. Much of our development work is based on open source software, the maintenance and creation of which has cost the community a lot of effort. This excellent work supports the Data In Motion by engaging in those same projects and supporting the community.
Currently supported projects are:
  • BND
  • OSGi Enroute
  • Gecko.io
  • Eclipse EMF

Here is a brief overview of our completed projects.


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