Data In Motion – About Us

We are a consulting company, founded in 2010 and situated in Jena (Germany). Technical, economic and social skills, allow us to quickly incorporate our customers culture and business processes in the provided solutions. The results flow back into our customer projects and/or become accessible to the general public through our work in the OSGi Alliance and Open Source products. Using model-driven software development and state-of-the-art technologies, we help clients handling their challenges.

About us:

We at Data In Motion (DIM) have close to a decade of experience in Software Engineering, Architecture and Consulting in a wide variety of industries. Founded in 2010, with a registered office in Jena the DIM provides a workspace for 5 employees.

With our skill set we help our customers facing their challenges.

  • Model-Driven Software Development
  • Domain Driven Design
  • Software Architecture
  • Agile Project Management
  • Mediation/Moderation
  • Data Analysis

As a member of the OSGi Alliance and their Experts Groups (Core, IoT and Enterprise) we are in close exchange with other international experts and pioneers of the Industry. We are engaged in the development and spreading of new industry standards. On top of that, we participate in a lot of open source projects, utilizing their strengths while supporting them at the same time.

Assisted Development:

Every company is different and has its own individual character and culture that needs to be addressed. Working together with you on finding the most suitable solution for your objectives is our main focus. We coined the expression ​Assisted Development​ to describe what we do.

This means we have a holistic approach. We listen to your ideas and to the results you want to achieve. We guide you through the process of realizing them. Besides the technical aspects, we also contextualize the project in its social, economic and political environment. In the end we help you acquire a complete new methodology and develop the required strategy and tools. You will then be able to ”walk on your own” to reach future objectives. Our goal is always to enable you to achieve a well documented, efficient, extendable and maintainable solution.

Portfolio Summary:

  • Business Development for software engineering
  • Moderation of Development and Business workshops
  • Independent R&D
  • Software process re-engineering
  • Project and Product Management (Scrum)
  • Modelling Driven Engineering (MDSD, MDA, UML, EMF)
  • Modular Software Architecture (OSGi)
  • Migration from Monolith to service oriented architecture
  • Micro- / Nanoservice Architecture (Docker, Kubernetes)
  • Distributed Systems
  • Enterprise Applications / Architectures (Java)
  • Desktop Applications (Eclipse RCP)

Our Experts:

Jürgen Albert B.E.
CEO and Founder
After his degree in Internet Business Engineering and 5 years as a Software Engineer, he founded the Data In Motion in 2010. He saw the benefit in modular and model driven software early in his career and is an evangelist of this approach ever since.


Mark Hoffmann, M.A. Dipl. Business and Administration (FH)
With his degree in Economics with a specialization in Business Informatics he gathered experiences for nearly a decade in a variety of companies before joining the DIM in 2012. An added Scrum Master completes his technical leadership. Human interactions in teams and the impact of modelling technologies in software engineering are some of his core interests.


Ilenia Salvadori, PhD
Data Analyst, Software Developer
With her PhD in Particle and Astroparticle Physics Ms. Salvadori is uniquely qualified to analyse and understand your Data. Her quick grasp of new concepts and processes together with an understanding of modern development tools, brings reliable insides to every project.

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