Modular software solutions with OSGi

With the help of pure OSGi bundles, model-driven software development and we offer solutions and modules for:

  • High scalability through modular, distributed OSGi service architecture
  • Task-focused clustering
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Rapid development through schemaless databases and model-driven software development
  • Backends for web, mobile and rich clients
  • Seamless integration without downtime
  • Data indexing for minimal response times
  • Event/message-driven processing architecture
  • Docker based packaging

The core technologies are Java, OSGi, Eclipse EMF, Apache Lucene, MongoDB.

Modelling solutions with EMF

Create data models and profit from the ecosystem of frameworks around EMF. We support you with solutions for data handling and data-transformation:

  • EMF data modeling
  • Data – Persistence in MongoDB
  • Model-to-model transformation with QVT
  • EMF Registry in pure OSGi environments
  • EMF for REST endpoints
  • EMF in OSGi distributed systems

The core technologies are Java, OSGi, Eclipse EMF, MongoDB.

Indexing and Searching

Profit from our experience in searching and indexing services. We offer conceptual consulting and training for these areas. We developed a lightweight and highly customizable cloud-capable search server, based on Apache Lucene.

This search server offers a quickly implementable search solution with the following features for a state of the art searching experience:

  • Tenant specific indices
  • Sharding
  • Clustering
  • EMF support in and output formats
  • Schemaless Indexing
  • Similarity-,Spatial-, Faceted-, Grouped-Search, etc.
  • Near real-time indexing and searching
  • Extremely resource-efficient

Standards and Standardization

Data In Motion has many years of experience and offers first-class know-how in all relevant topics of the OSGi environment. As a Contributing Associate Member of the OSGi Alliance, we are actively involved in the evolution of OSGi specifications. Working in various Expert Groups (IoT, Core and Enterprise) we gained experience in a variety of application areas and are in close exchange with international experts and pioneers of the Industry.

With our membership at the OSGi Alliance we also gained access to related groups like the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) or the Urban Technology Alliance (UTA).

This also enables us to write specifications for your internal use.

Rich Clients / Eclipse Tooling Development

With our long term experiences in Eclipse RCP related topics, we develop desktop clients for your specific needs. These include client-server-utilization as well as single space utilization, which are both delivered with a comfortable installation program.

Beside that we can create your custom IDE tooling for the Eclipse IDE. We are also involved in the development of BNDTools in Eclipse. No matter if you need offline functionality, data models with EMF or an integration for your OSGi services, you can get a seamless integration out of one hand.

Web Applications

Whether single page or multi page use, we develop custom web applications with modern web technologies. Some of the core technologies applied by Data In Motion are JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, as well as libraries for dynamic web applications, such as Angular or D3.js.

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