Training BND and BND Tools

OSGi is an industry standard set of powerful tools and specifications that make your software more effective, efficient and maintainable. Modular software development and the topic of Microservices are currently on everyone’s lips. OSGi has been doing just that for a long time and, if applied correctly, leads to a decoupled programming.


OSGi is often denunciated as overly complex and hard to develop software for. This may have been true in the past, but with the latest versions of BND it is easier and more comfortable than “normal” java development. BND teaches you instinctively the correct handling of the dynamic nature of OSGi and allows a very efficient development process.

As active developers and users of BND and BNDTools, we will give you insides in their use. Starting with the local development environment. Supporting the local development process or the building of releases on you CI Server, all is in the realm of BND.

Duration: 1 day

The course will combine presentations with a lot of hands-on sessions, to actively learn the use of BND.


  • Introduction to Bnd and BNDTools
  • BND Workspace and Workspace templates
  • Bundle development and Api Baselining
  • Makros and Exporter
  • BND Project Templates
  • CI and release processes

Individual training

We also offer, on demand, trainings fitted specially to your needs at a location of your choice.

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