Training OSGi

OSGi is an industry standard set of powerful tools and specifications that make your software more effective, efficient and maintainable. Modular software development and the topic of Microservices are currently on everyone’s lips. OSGi has been doing just that for a long time and, if applied correctly, leads to a decoupled programming.


A key aspect of our training program will be to transport the concepts of modularity and dynamic. They are the foundation of OSGi. These paradigms are often denunciated as over complicated. This is caused by a requirement for a new way of thinking which is fundamentally different from a static and monolithic one. When this is achieved, a new level of code quality and maintainability of your Software and Architecture can be achieved.

As a member of the OSGi Alliance, in important working groups, we provide valuable background knowledge on specifications around OSGi. This includes not only the programming but also the topics architecture, product development, development processes and tooling.

Duration: 3 days

The course will combine presentations with a lot of hands-on sessions, to actively learn the use of BND. In order to simplify the development and ease the start, BNDTools will be used as and IDE.


  • OSGi Introduction – Dynamic and modular software with Java
  • Framework, dependencies and versioning – Basics of OSGi
  • Requirements, Capabilities and Resolver (Elastic Assembly)
  • Specifications and implementations – A guide through the OSGi ecosystem
  • Tooling, testing and build process – Developing in OSGi
  • OSGi Services – The fundamental programming model
  • Declarative Services – Orchestrating service
  • Whiteboard Pattern – A mighty pattern for service based applications
  • Configurable systems – Configuration Admin and Configurator
  • Events in OSGi – EventAdmin
  • Connection to web applications – HTTP und Jax-Rs Whiteboard
  • Dependency Injection with CDI
  • Distributed systems – Remote Services and Remote Service Admin
  • Reactive with Pushstreams and Promises

Individual training

We also offer, on demand, trainings fitted specially to your needs at a location of your choice.

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