Gecko Releases and Github Migration

As part of our move away from GitLab, we recently migrated some of our major projects to Github. In addition to that we are happy to announce some releases for a lot of these projects, which also come with some improvements to our libraries. Here are all changes and realeases in detail:

DIM Libraries

-library: geckoDIMC, geckoOSGi-Test, geckoJacoco


We updated dependency versions and the release process when uploading Jars to Nexus where release version already exists. Now we do not need releasenotneeded evaluation anymore. We also added a library project template to create a workspace library project.

Gecko EMF

-library: geckoEMF


We reworked EMF a bit and made breaking changes! We improved the annotation handling and introduced an easier way to load dynamic packages from configurable ecore-file URIS. This release also contains a complete rewritten property handling! The configuration properties for resource factories, package and resource set configurators are now reflected into the condition and resource sets.

Gecko EMF Util

-library: geckoEMFUtil


This release works with Gecko EMF 6.x and has been reworked to use the new requirements from Gecko EMF and the new properties. In addition to that Michael developed some new exporters.

Gecko EMF Mongo Persistence

-library: geckoEMFRepository


We migrated the Mongo Persistence and the EMF Repositories from Gitlab to Github. We updated the Mongo driver and made it work with Gecko EMF 6.x. With this release we put Mongo OSGi, Mongo EMF, EMF Repository and EMF Mongo Repository together. The tests have been migrated to OSGi-Test.

This will be the foundation for the new Gecko Persistence Architecture using the Gecko Codecs for serialization and de-serialization, based on EMFJson and Jackson.

Gecko Utils

-library: geckoUtils


This repository was migrated from the Gitlab geckoRuntime project. We just took stuff we still use. The former org.gecko.core.emf moved to Gecko EMF Utils at Github: org.gecko.emf.util.common.

The AbstractOSGiTest does not exist anymore. Please use OSGi-Test instead. But the former core.api, core.pool, core.pushstream have moved to org.gecko.util.api, util.pool, util.pushstream.

This project is needed for e.g. org.gecko.messaging

Gecko Messaging

No library yet

The project was migrated from GitLab to Github. The dependencies and the workspace have been updated. The integration tests are migrated to OSGi-Test. The project already uses the new Gecko Util.

Jakarta REST

-library: jakartaREST

Remember, this is the former

The Gecko project is deprecated and not used anymore. So please use the Eclipse version.

So, that is the work of the last weeks. As usual, if you find issues, suggestions, just file issues in the Github tracker. Dont use Gitlab anymore for these projects.

by Mark Hoffmann